The National Championship

After an epic night during the Final Four, we get spoiled with a great Championship game. The Duke Blue Devils are young and talented and Wisconsin has a lot of experienced imgresveterans. It is a good thing Duke has Quinn Cook and Coach K. I believe the key to the game for both squads is Jahilil Okafor. Duke has a huge advantage on the offensive side of the ball because he is so strong and Frank the Tank can sometimes be a weak defender. Early in the Kentucky game was a good example. Karl-Anthony Towns was dominating him early, but Kentucky went away from that and, it came back to bite them. Coach K will not make that mistake. Duke is known for going man to man defense. Since Kaminsky can stretch the floor because of his three point shooting it would take Okafor out of the paint and he would no longer be a threat as a shot blocker. This game will be a battle of the two best players in the nation. It will be some spectacle to see.

Prediction: Duke 65 Wisconsin 64

I believe this will be a battle of the ages, but having Coach K on the sidelines will push the Devils to the victory. Duke will win at the buzzer by a shot from their senior leader Quinn Cook and it will be a play that will be remembered.



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