Super Bowl 50

The 50th Anniversary of Super Bowl 1 is moments away from starting. Peyton Manning BIO_Mini-Bios_0_Peyton-Manning_0_FIX_SF_HD_768x432-16x9and the Denver Broncos face off Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. This is the biggest age difference for quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. Once again it is the #1 defense, Denver vs the #1 offense, Carolina. This is going to be a game for the ages, maybe it will be like the Bills vs the Giants, an all time cam-newton-111615-getty-ftrjpg_109kzimizqgc71b3rse1zq1cd0classic. The Quarterbacks highlight this heavy weight matchup. Peyton Manning is looking to ride of in the sunset while Cam Newton is writing his own legacy day by day. I think Jonathan Stewart is the key to the entire game. The Broncos defense will be focused on Cam Newton the whole game, Stewart needs to get going to make the best defense in the NFL a little honest. I think this will be an incredible game, but Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are too balanced, and they will win their first ever Super Bowl.
Prediction: Carolina 27, Denver 21

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