A SUPER Questionable Ending

Superbowl 47 was a nail biter. The Niners came storming back after the unexpected power surge but came up short as the Baltimore Ravens became Superbowl champions. Did the 49ers come too short or did they deserve to be hoisting up the Lombardi trophy?

The answer to that question is yes. When it was fourth and goal and they were down by five points with thirty-seconds left Colin Kaepernick threw a fade route to Michael Crabtree that fell incomplete. What really happened on that play was that Crabtree was held by Ravens’ defensive back Jimmy Smith. This was the play that would make or break the game and the referees did not call anything on that play. If it was called a hold/pass interference, as it should have been, the 49ers could have been Superbowl champs. I think it is just sad that  they lost on a missed call. The Niners just got robbed. They should have had another chance to win the game and it is horrible that there was no call.

The 49ers are the deserving champions but congratulations Ravens you guys played great. What a way to send Ray out with some style.th-3 copy 4

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4 thoughts on “A SUPER Questionable Ending

  1. The holding call justifiably could have been made; and perhaps should have been made, But the reason the 49ers lost is because they played poorly for a major portion of the game.

  2. Mike, What is your source for the excellent photos you use in your blogs?
    And, are you permitted to “tailor” the photos?

  3. Everyone has an opinion, of course that is but one reason that we love to watch the games. However I disagree with you that the blown call was the reason the boys by the bay lost the game. Poor play in the first 30 minutes and questionable play calling from the coaches were the main culprits . The tattooed QB should have attempted to run it in on 3rd down, much like Vince Young did for UT in the Rose Bowl years ago.

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