Top QB Prospects 2013

Today’s guest blogger – Jack Brindley

The NFL Draft is almost two months away and people are already speculating who will go where and what impact that one key player could have on a struggling team.  We all know what happened last year when Stanford’s Andrew Luck arrived to Indianapolis to re-glorify the crumbling demise of the Colts. The issue of deciding a proper quarterback to help lead your team to victory is always a tough one and with this year’s elite class of quarterbacks it’s not going to get any easier.  Today on my guest blog debut on Just1mike, I will be analyzing the top five QB’s going into this year’s NFL Draft.  Who do you think will be the first QB draft?

1. Geno Smithth-4 copy 5

College: West Virginia

Passing Yards: 4205

Rushing Yards: 151

TDs: 42

Pass completions: 71%

Strengths: Can throw the ball downfield to receivers with ease, confident and competitive

Weaknesses: Not able to throw on the run, bad footwork under center.

Projected Team: Kansas City Chiefs, 1st round.

Why: Since the Chiefs have the first pick in the draft I can see why they would take the number one quarterback.  Especially because they are in the need of a new QB. Their current QB, Matt Cassel, is not the greatest QB out there.  Smith would provide a renewing change of pace for the struggling Chiefs and hopefully turn their team around.

2.  Matt Barkley
Passing Yards: 3273

th-5 copy 2

College: USC

Rushing Yards: -75

TDs: 36

Pass completions: 63.1%

Strengths: Able to manage the offensive side of the ball and has leadership qualities

Weaknesses: Not an Ideal height (6”2), makes mistakes under Pressure (Interceptions, Fumbles, not a Scrambler).

Projected Team: Arizona Cardinals, 1st round.

Why: The Cardinals were left in the dust of Arizona last year when they sadly found out that Peyton Manning decided to take his talents to Denver.  Now they have the great opportunity to pick up an elite QB that could end their sorrows.  He would be the best choice because he’s a leader that would help command the offensive side of the ball.  They already have wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald who would be a great weapon for Barkley to use due to his strong passing abilities.  My vote is that Barkley ends up in Arizona.

3. Mike Glennon

th-6 copy

College: NC State

Passing Yards: 4031

Rushing Yards: -164

TDs: 31

Pass completions: 58.5%

Strengths: Uses his height to find WR and develops a strong passing game

Weaknesses: Because he’s 6”6 he struggles when the pocket collapses to speed up out of the way of oncoming defenders.

Projected Team: Cleveland Browns 2nd round.

Why: Cleveland has some talent that could be utilized, they just need more of it. They have RB Trent Richardson who can develop a solid running game if given the chance, now they need a better passing game which is what Glennon can deliver.  The reason I have him as a second round pick is that they need to rebuild the O-Line first. You can’t be successful at either running or passing without being able to be confident that your O-Line will be able to block for you.  One last thing, Cleveland needs a backup for Brandon Weeden.  He is already an older QB even though he was drafted last year, and Glennon is young and ready to play.

th-7 copy

4. Tyler Wilson

College: Arkansas

Passing Yards: 3387

Rushing Yards: 7

TDs: 21

Pass completions: 62.1%

Strengths:  a confident pocket passer who can hit stationary targets well,  has leadership qualities.

Weaknesses: Not a good runner under pressure, good linebackers will realize how low he carries the football which can be an easy fumble.

Projected Team: Philadelphia Eagles 2nd round.

Why: The Eagles just resigned Michael Vick for another year.  Because of his age he won’t be in it for the long run.  They need new to bring in another QB to learn from Vick and get ready to lead a very talented Eagles offense.

5. Ryan Nassib

th-8 copy

College: Syracuse

Passing Yards: 3749

Rushing Yards: 142

TDs: 26

Pass completions: 62.4%

Strengths: Has a strong arm, his quick release is useful when trying to get short yardage in a third down situation.

Weaknesses:  Like Barkley, he is not an Ideal height for a NFL Quarterback. His footwork could use some improvement as well.

Projected Team: Buffalo Bills 1st round.

Why: We all know the Bills have been absent from drafting a QB for a while.  Last year they passed up Russell Wilson, which was a MAJOR mistake on their part.  Now they need not to make the same mistakes of the past and pick up this gem of a QB.  He would much improve the third down conversions of a struggling Bills passing game.  He’s already familiar with new Bills head coach, Doug Marrone, and that means he already knows how to utilize his many talents and knows what he needs to improve on as well.  He also can use some of the Bills best receivers like Stevie Johnson to his advantage by firing him some deep passes in tight situations.  Ryan you need to stay in New York and head west to Buffalo.


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