NBA Playoffs Game 3 Predictions

Spurs vs Grizzlies: 

This has been a mostly lop sided series so far.  San Antonio has been having their way 1222_MASP_griz_sat8_t607against Memphis. The grit and grind of the Grizzlies isn’t working on the Spurs. I think the key for the Grizzlies to win game three is point guard Michael Conley.  He has had an amazing postseason and is playing his best basketball at the right time. Going into the paint hasn’t been working for the Grizzlies because their swingmen are no threat from the perimeter. The Spurs defenders have collapsed in the paint and have neutralized Randolph and Gasol.  Conley has been the whole, the only offense for the Grizzlies in this series. He better continue to play great or the Grizz will be back to hibernating.

Prediction: I think Conley will play big and the Grizzlies will protect home court and win game 3.

6677384-590x471Heat vs Pacers: 

The Pacers vs the Heat, this series has been a battle. The big bad Miami Heat are struggling against the underdogs of Indiana. Game one was outstanding and game two was just the same. With this series tied up at one game a piece it is anyone’s game. So far this postseason the Pacers have been perfect at home and they have yet to loose a game in Indiana. Chris Bosh has to play well if the Heat want to break the streak. He can bring Hibbert out of the paint with his threat from the outside. This could be set up as a decoy so LeBron can attack the rim. Bosh can be great on offense but when it comes to him defending Hibbert there is a big mismatch. Bosh has had major difficulties guarding Roy Hibbert because of Hibbert’s size advantage. In game two Hibbert had a playoff career high with 29 points and he also ripped down 10 rebounds. The Pacers need good play from their backcourt. George Hill can be up and down and then the unpredictable wild Lance Stephenson can play great or terrible. I believe that Indiana’a backcourt has to come up big.

Prediction: I think Roy Hibbert is going to bust it out in the paint and also Paul George is going to carry the Pacers to a victory in game 3.



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