Can The Heat take the Texas Heat

This week in San Antonio Lebron James went out with cramp issues and deflated the 539175b13ccdb.preview-300whole Miami team.  Many people say, if Lebron was healthy the Heat would have come out of San Antonio with at least one win.  Myself, I am questioning Lebron’s toughness.  He is being compared to Michael Jordan though he leaves the game because he was cramping, when Jordan played his heart out while suffering the Flu and had his most historic game.  Yet Lebron abandons his team because he was cramping. I don’t think you can compare him to Jordan.  That is enough on ripping one the greatest player in the world, mark my words Lebron James is going to single handily beat the San Antonio Spurs in game two.  Since Lebron James joined the Miami Heat they have never lost a playoff series after losing the first game of the series.

Unknown-1The key to the entire NBA finals for the Champs is Dwyane Wade.  Wade has been unhealthy throughout this entire season, but when the playoffs started up, so did Wade.  Dwyane Wade is the only player on the Heat that the San Antonio Spurs cannot guard.  Wade needs to finish a game.  He started game one on fire, but the he slowly cooled down as the game advanced and in the fourth quarter.  If the Heat want a chance against the best coached team in the NBA he has to show up like he has done in every other series.


MVP Top 10 Picks for NBA

1.) Kevin Durant, SF, OKC: 

imagesKevin Durant has emerged as one of the premier superstars in the NBA.  He has lead the Oklahoma City Thunder from being the worst team in the Association to the biggest threat to the reigning champs, Miami Heat.  He has been a scoring machine.  Durant is impossible to guard.  At 6-10 Durant is one of the best shooters in the NBA.  We all knew that Durant could score coming into the season, but he has really improved on the other side of the ball.  With Durant’s long arms, he has become a lock down defender.  Durant is currently leading the NBA in scoring, averaging 28.3 points per game and has lead his Thunder to a 22-4 record, which is the best in the NBA.  At this time, Kevin Durant has been playing the best basketball in the NBA.

There is much more to like about Durant than just be an outstanding player.  He is the NBA’s good child.  He is the most humble and charitable star out there.  If you had to choose between Lebron and Durant and that was the deciding factor, KD would win in a land slide.  There really isn’t any reason to not like Durant, unless you are the coach of the opposing team’s defense.

2.) Paul George, SF/SG, IND

3.) Lebron James, SF, MIA

4.) LaMarcus Aldridge, PF, POR

5.) Russell Westbrook, PG, OKC

6.) Chris Paul, PG, LAC

7.) Damian Lillard, PG, POR

8.) Stephen Curry, PG/SG, GS

9.) James Harden, SG, HOU

10.) Kevin Love, PF, MIN



NBA Game 5 Prediction

Miami’s Keys: dwyane-wade-of-the-miami-heat[1]

The key for the Heat is the production of the Big Three….LeBron, Wade, and Bosh.  In game four they played outstanding, but the rest of the team had a bad game. If the big three don’t bring their “A” game and the role players do not preform the Heat could be in some big trouble. Wade looks like the Dwayne Wade we all know and love. I am looking for him to play big.

628x471San Antonio’s Keys: 

The Spurs need to avoid injury. Tony Parker has a torn hamstring and it is vital that they do not loose him. I believe Kawhi Leonard needs to step up and take the scoring load off Parker.  Leonard is the best defensive player on their team and he is the future of the Spurs. In the games they have won he has shut down LeBron. I think Leonard will play great and the San Antonio Spurs will win their last home game of the year and go up 3-2 in the NBA finals.



Eastern Conference Finals – Game Seven

Miami’s keys:d-wade-sad

This whole series has been a disaster for the Miami Heat. The only one who is being productive is LeBron James. They way they are playing right now looks like LeBron’s old Cleveland team. The key for the Heat is for LeBron to get some help. In game six Wade and Bosh had a combined total of 15 points. If that happens on Monday the only thing that keeps them from losing is if LeBron scores 100 points. The Big 3 has transformed into the Big 1 right before our eyes. It looks like Miami is in a lot of trouble.

imagesIndiana’s keys: 

The Indiana Pacers have now proven that they are a force to recon with. Paul George is now a super star, and they have the best big man in the NBA, Roy Hibbert. They have really scared this Miami team. The Pacers need their backcourt to play well. George Hill has been good but you never know what your going to get with Lance Stephenson. He can play outstanding or he could be terrible. He has to have a good game if the Pacers want to upset the Heat in Miami.


I think that LeBron will play outstanding, but he will get no help. Paul George will have a big game and carry his Pacers to the NBA Finals. I pick the Pacers will upset the Heat.





NBA Playoffs Game 3 Predictions

Spurs vs Grizzlies: 

This has been a mostly lop sided series so far.  San Antonio has been having their way 1222_MASP_griz_sat8_t607against Memphis. The grit and grind of the Grizzlies isn’t working on the Spurs. I think the key for the Grizzlies to win game three is point guard Michael Conley.  He has had an amazing postseason and is playing his best basketball at the right time. Going into the paint hasn’t been working for the Grizzlies because their swingmen are no threat from the perimeter. The Spurs defenders have collapsed in the paint and have neutralized Randolph and Gasol.  Conley has been the whole, the only offense for the Grizzlies in this series. He better continue to play great or the Grizz will be back to hibernating.

Prediction: I think Conley will play big and the Grizzlies will protect home court and win game 3.

6677384-590x471Heat vs Pacers: 

The Pacers vs the Heat, this series has been a battle. The big bad Miami Heat are struggling against the underdogs of Indiana. Game one was outstanding and game two was just the same. With this series tied up at one game a piece it is anyone’s game. So far this postseason the Pacers have been perfect at home and they have yet to loose a game in Indiana. Chris Bosh has to play well if the Heat want to break the streak. He can bring Hibbert out of the paint with his threat from the outside. This could be set up as a decoy so LeBron can attack the rim. Bosh can be great on offense but when it comes to him defending Hibbert there is a big mismatch. Bosh has had major difficulties guarding Roy Hibbert because of Hibbert’s size advantage. In game two Hibbert had a playoff career high with 29 points and he also ripped down 10 rebounds. The Pacers need good play from their backcourt. George Hill can be up and down and then the unpredictable wild Lance Stephenson can play great or terrible. I believe that Indiana’a backcourt has to come up big.

Prediction: I think Roy Hibbert is going to bust it out in the paint and also Paul George is going to carry the Pacers to a victory in game 3.