Superbowl Media Day


There were a lot of good questions this year at media day for the Superbowl but there were some stupid questions too.  What would you ask if you could be a part of media day?

If I was there, here are some of the questions I would ask…

You all probably know that I’m a huge Oregon Ducks fan so my first question would go out to LaMichael James.

LaMichael James

LaMichael James

“What did it feel like to get your first NFL career touchdown last week against the Atlanta Falcons?”

Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh

I would ask Jim Harbaugh, “Who was a more demanding coach, Bo Schembechler, Mike Ditka or your dad?”

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis

I would ask Ray Lewis “What does it feel like to play your last career football game in the Superbowl?”

Randy Moss

Randy Moss

I would ask Randy Moss, “Randy, you said that you think you are the best wide receiver ever so do you think you are better than Jerry Rice?  What do you think the San Francisco fans would think of that?

I would ask all the players from both teams, “What are your favorite nicknames and least favorite nicknames?”

 Finally, I would ask Colin Kaepernick, “If you win the Superbowl where will you go first, to Disney World or the tattoo parlor?”

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick


NCAA’S New #1

There were many upsets the past week in college basketball. Duke got annihilated by Miami, Louisville went on a three game loosing streak, Arizona lost to the Bruins of UCLA, and Syracuse went down to Villanova. The only two teams in the top five that won all of their games last week were #2 Michigan and #3 Kansas. Who is going to be number one? Rock, Chalk, Jay-hawk or is it the Maize and Blue?

There is no way that the Michigan Wolverines will be ranked lower then number one. Michigan has the most talented team and in my opinion they are the best coached team. Although Kansas has played well this year Michigan was the number two team and Kansas was number three last week. Michigan also has the best backcourt in the nation,Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. Right now Michigan is almost unstoppable.


The Bro Bowl

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Of course the super bowl is going to be Tom Brady and his perfect little Patriots. That’s what everyone thought at half time of the AFC Championship, but a football game has four quarters. Ray and the Ravens wouldn’t give up, they shut out the Patriots in the second half and Baltimore came back to win it.

th-2 copy 4About three hours earlier Jim Harbaugh and his San Francisco 49ers were in Atlanta taking on the Falcons. The niners at half were down by a large deficit but Patrick Willis and the stingy San Francisco defense shut out the Falcons in the second half, while Colin Kaepernick and their offense  mounted an enormous comeback to secure their path to the Super Bowl.

Both teams are coached by a Harbaugh, both teams scored 28 points, both teams shut out their opponents in the 2nd half, both came back and won, and both teams played on the road. Do I have double vision?


Most brothers have dreams but I don’t think that Jim and John thought at one point that they were going to coach against each other in the Super Bowl. This is amazing. The Harbaugh bowl, the bro bowl, the brother bowl, or the sibling bowl it doesn’t matter what you call it this is going to be a outstanding game.

So who do you think will be the champs of the NFL?

Who Is The Best Team In The NBA?

Who is really the best team in the NBA? Well its very hard to tell now. Is it the Heat, Thunder, Clippers, Knicks?  Or is it the surprising Golden State Warriors? The best team in the NBA right now, I think, is the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Although they are very young and inexperienced they have an outstanding coach and have the best player in the NBA in my opinion, Kevin Durant. They are fast and athletic with Russell Westbrook who is probably the fastest player in the Association. Last week Durant scored 52 points a career high in scoring, he is a scoring machine. I don’t think there is any defense that can stop him. Lebron and the Heat are playing great too but right now OKC is the team to beat.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Chip’s Flying With New Birds Now

Chip Kelly has officially signed with the Eagles for a head coaching position. Chip is known to run a fast pace offense and with Mike Vick under center and all of the other weapons he is set up for success. So long Chip.

0a754784-a826-3df3-b440-7d8315245f48 th-2 copy 3Philadelphia is like a NFL duplicate of the Ducks, they have a quick QB Michael Vick, a great RB in Lesean McCoy, and the most explosive player in the NFL Desean Jackson. If Chip can establish his offense there the Eagles just might “ Fly Eagles Fly” to the playoffs.

Top 10 Bowl Game Uniforms

10.  Michigan

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9.  Northern Illinois

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8.  Georgia Tech

th-2 copy

7.  Virginia Tech


6.  Northwestern


5.  TCU


4.  Cincinnati


3.  Mississippi State


2.  Rutgers


1.  Oregon


Has the BCS Got it Wrong Again?

After the blowout of a championship many people are wondering if the BCS has gotten it wrong once again. The answer to that question is YES. Notre Dame may be the worst team in the top five or even the top ten this year. The Irish might have had a perfect record other then last night but Triple overtime against Pitt is not very impressive and to pull out a nail biter against BYU isn’t so great either. The two best teams in the nation are,no doubt, Alabama and Oregon. If the Ducks played last night it would have been a great game and they might of even beaten Bama. Oregon is the only team in the nation that is undefeated in regulation. Last night I was pulling for the Fighting Irish as the underdog but it would have been better served to have Oregon in the game not them. For now though we just have to keep waiting until the playoffs are here. If you ask me, the playoffs can’t get here soon enough!Image

Quack Attack Continues



The NFL coaching carousel continues spinning when number one NFL coaching prospect Chip Kelly declares he will stay at Oregon and that the NFL is not for him. Kelly quotes that “he has some unfinished business at Oregon”. It sounds like Chip is hungry for a National Championship. Most of the people who know me know that I am a giant Oregon Ducks fan so I am ecstatic about this news! So for now the QUACK ATTACK lives on!


BCS National Championship



Key For Notre Dame: The Key to a Fighting Irish victory is the play of redshirt freshmen quarterback Everett Golson. He has had his ups and downs throughout the season but has proven at the end that he is the starter. Golson has an arm but also has some wheels and in the past it shows that Bama has a hard time with duel threat quarterbacks…  LSU Jordan Jefferson, Texas A&M Johnny Manziel, and Auburn’s Cam Newton. He also has to throw the ball. The only found weakness in that stingy Crimson Tide defense is their defensive backs. So if Everett doesn’t step up to the plate the Luck of the Irish might just run out.


Key For Alabama:  Bama key to victory is their offensive line and defensive backs. During the season it seemed like Alabama was an unstoppable force. Well that of course was before LSU and Texas A&M scorched their defense with the passing game and revealed their true weakness defending the pass. Even with all the Allstars on the Tide’s offensive line, their star center Barrett Jones, who had a leg injury, says he is going to play but they all have to step up to stop the outstanding Manti Te’o and the Irish D.   If they play well, the Tide will look to ROLL the Irish.


Prediction: Alabama 21 Notre Dame 17