Summer League Stand Out

The NBA Summer League has arrived, and all the young talents show their skills to try to Tim Hardaway, Jr. Press Conferencemake it to the next level of the NBA. After the first day there were some studs and some duds. The one player that really stood out for me was Knicks rookie swingman Tim Hardaway Jr.  Hardaway is the son of former Heat legend Tim Hardaway senior and by the way he is playing little Timmy might be more successful than his old man. In his first NBA appearance in the SL, he wrapped up with 13 points giving  Spike Lee something to cheer about. The Knicks future is bright with the back court of Iman Shumpert and Hardaway. The both played outstanding together and they have already bonded and formed a tight friendship. In the future Tim Hardaway Jr. will be a huge star. What do you think?


Hometown Celebration by Jack Brindley, Guest Blogger


photoWhen a hometown team wins any kind of major game or championship, there is bound to be a grand celebration waiting for them when they return home.  And with the Chicago Blackhawks recent Stanley Cup victory still ringing in the streets of Chi-Town, the celebration seems to have just begun.  All the excitement started as soon as the last goal was scored.  Soon after that final horn rang in Boston, the streets of Chicagoland exploded with the sounds of Chelsea Dagger and the occasional “Detroit Sucks”.  I myself am not a Hawks fan, but I had to leave my Buffalo Sabres just for a little while so I could jump on the Chicago bandwagon.  All I could do was watch abc 7 local news and see the festivities unravel from a helicopter view. Blackhawks_Parade


Things had only just begun in the Windy City for the Hawks and probably the biggest surprise was waiting for them the following Friday.  That surprise was the celebratory parade honoring their recent championship held in Chicago.  It has to be one of the biggest celebrations for any team I’ve seen in a while.  Miami, you can eat your heart out, this is how a city celebrates a championship.  Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to enjoy the parade myself.  I have seen the pictures though and that’s good enough for me hearing from my friends about how chaotic and great it was.


photoOn the contrary, I did have the amazing opportunity to see Coach Quenneville and his friend Stanley make an appearance at the Hinsdale Fourth of July parade.  Coach Quenneville had the honors of being this year’s grand marshall.  As he drove down Garfield street, he hoisted up the Cup so everyone could see that the celebration is still going strong.  Go Hawks….for now, and next year GO SABRES!

Sixers Lose Star

The NBA draft recently occurred and the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers made a lot of bad bad decisions draft night. The biggest was trading away young star point Jrue Holiday for draft pick and in my opinion, total bust, Nerlens Noel. Noel is shorter and skinnier than superstar small forward Kevin Durant, and Noel is a center. The worse part about this trade was that the Sixers lost Jrue Holiday. Holiday is very young and he is on the rise. Last year Holiday debuted in his first All-Star game, he was the only Sixer who was honored to be on the roster. The Sixers made a horrible trade, what they should of done is build their program around Jrue not send him to New Orleans. What they did was set the Pelicans up for success, and send their own team into a rebuilding mode.   What do you think?