Sixers Lose Star

The NBA draft recently occurred and the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers made a lot of bad bad decisions draft night. The biggest was trading away young star point Jrue Holiday for draft pick and in my opinion, total bust, Nerlens Noel. Noel is shorter and skinnier than superstar small forward Kevin Durant, and Noel is a center. The worse part about this trade was that the Sixers lost Jrue Holiday. Holiday is very young and he is on the rise. Last year Holiday debuted in his first All-Star game, he was the only Sixer who was honored to be on the roster. The Sixers made a horrible trade, what they should of done is build their program around Jrue not send him to New Orleans. What they did was set the Pelicans up for success, and send their own team into a rebuilding mode.   What do you think?



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