NBA Game 5 Prediction

Miami’s Keys: dwyane-wade-of-the-miami-heat[1]

The key for the Heat is the production of the Big Three….LeBron, Wade, and Bosh.  In game four they played outstanding, but the rest of the team had a bad game. If the big three don’t bring their “A” game and the role players do not preform the Heat could be in some big trouble. Wade looks like the Dwayne Wade we all know and love. I am looking for him to play big.

628x471San Antonio’s Keys: 

The Spurs need to avoid injury. Tony Parker has a torn hamstring and it is vital that they do not loose him. I believe Kawhi Leonard needs to step up and take the scoring load off Parker.  Leonard is the best defensive player on their team and he is the future of the Spurs. In the games they have won he has shut down LeBron. I think Leonard will play great and the San Antonio Spurs will win their last home game of the year and go up 3-2 in the NBA finals.




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