Final Match Up of the Day

Tonight’s Match Up of the Day is the final college basketball game of the year, the National Championship.  The number seven seeded Connecticut Huskies vs the eight seeded Kentucky Wildcats.  Going into the NCAA Tournament no one was suspecting both to make it to the championship game.  Two of the most historic programs will be facing off in Dallas for the right to be called champs.

UConn’s Keys: 

The UConn Huskies have had a fantastic run and most of it is because of their effort on theryan+boatright+new_fixed defensive side of the ball.  Ryan Boatright has been the best defender for this Huskies team and has been so crucial for them throughout this tournament.   Boatright and his backcourt bud, Napier, have a major height disadvantage compared to the monstrous twins that Kentucky has playing the guard position.  Boatright has to wreak havoc on the young Kentucky guards to give his team an advantage.  The X-Factor for the Huskies is forward DeAndre Daniels. It always seems like Daniels is the key for UConn and he can change a game where the Huskies can dominate or they can be dominated.  Daniels had a huge game against the number one overall seed Florida in the Final Four and he is a big reason they won. Daniels has to be a force inside and from the perimeter, but most importantly he has to contain the Wildcats stand out big man Julius Randle.

Kentucky’s Keys: 

The Kentucky Wildcats were the preseason number one team in the country but then theirncb_g_andrewharrison_ms_400x600 inexperience kicked in.  Kentucky had 10 losses in the regular season and some really bad losses like when they lost to South Carolina, who wasn’t even over 500 this year.  The CInderella story wouldn’t be the correct term for their run, it is more like Sleeping Beauty.   The Cats were in a deep deep sleep throughout the regular season but now they have awaken 100 times stronger.  The key for the Wildcats is Mr. Clutch Aaron Harrison.  Harrison has hit three straight game winning threes, which all were highly contested.  Harrison has to play well because he will probably be guarding the best player in the country Mr. Shabazz Napier who is a hungry senior looking to end his college career with a bang.  Harrison has to play well if he wants his fellow freshman to win it all.


These two teams didn’t even make the NCAA tournament last year and now they are Kevin Ollieplaying each other in the National Championship.  It is just astonishing.  The Kentucky Wildcats have had the most clutch player in the NCAA tournament so he has to do it on the biggest stage right? No.  I think the youth will finally be exposed tonight and the experienced Uconn Huskies will win the National Championship.  Shabazz Napier will win the game for the Huskies an Aaron Harrison will finally miss a game winning shot.  UConn 68 Kentucky 66




Match Up of the Day

Today’s Match Up of the Day is the first of the two Final Four games.  The number one seeded Florida Gators vs the number seven seeded Connecticut Huskies.  The Florida Gators are the number one overall seeded team in the tournament, they were expected to be here, but no one had thought that UConn would be at the point they are now.  Before the start or the tournament the Huskies had a 0.08% chance of winning making it to the Final Four well, they made it and they have a chance to go to the National Championship.  Who will win the Big Bad Gators or the Hot Streaking Huskies?

Florida’s Keys: 

The Florida Gators have been favored to win every single game in the tournament so far imagesand everybody is picking them to win but UConn is no slouch.  The key for the Gators is senior point guard Scottie Wilbekin.  Wilbekin has been almost perfect this NCAA tournament, he has only turned the ball over two times.  Wilbekin is an offensive weapon but he has to step up on defense today.  Wilbekin is a fantastic defender  but he has to have have a great defensive game to contain UConn’s superstar Shabazz Napier.  Wilbekin has to shut down Napier because if he doesn’t the Gators may have a long night.  The last team to beat Florida was UConn earlier in the year.  It was an instant classic, Napier missed a floater badly but luckily for UConn it bounced right back in his hands and Napier hit a mid range jumper for the win at the buzzer leading the Huskies to a victory.  The Gators still have the bitter taste in their mouth from that loss and Billy Donovan should use that as motivation.

UConn’s Keys: 

The UConn Huskies are the hottest team in the country and their success in theUnknown-2 tournament is mostly thanks to their senior point guard Kemba Walker I mean Shabazz Napier.  Napier has been the best player in this entire NCAA tournament and he has also been leading his Huskies to upset after upset.  Napier is going to see all or the traps and double teams that the Gators will throw at him.  Napier will have to have some help to ease the defense off him and that is why DeAndre Daniels is the X-Factor for the Huskies.  Daniels had the game of his life in the Sweet Sixteen against Iowa State.  Daniels shoots lasers from the the 3-point line and he has to have a good game to help out Napier.  Ryan Boatright is the most explosive player on this Huskies team and he has to bring energy on the defensive end for Kevin Ollie and his UConn team.


I believe that DeAndre Daniels will have a fantastic game and he will allow Napier to go off and the UConn Huskies will be marching on to the National Championship.  UConn 71 Florida 70

Other Prediction: 

Kentucky 75 Wisconsin 68