The Angelic Rain Delay!

Just as Michael predicted in April, the Cubs finally won the World Series this year and there is no doubt that all those angels in the outfield played a big part in the spectacular win!

Since this was one of Michael’s dreams, we were there to represent him for three of the World Series games including game 6 and game 7 in Cleveland. It was truly amazing to fullsizerenderwatch this young and talented team head to Cleveland and come out with such a strong win in game 6 to take the series to a final game.


And what a game it was…definitely one for the history books in so many ways and a battle to the end. As we left our seats to seek cover during the 17 minute rain delay, our emotions were running so high and our hearts were pounding. Were our Cubbies going to be able to pull this out and become the champions just as our dear Michael predicted?

As we all know, the answer to that question was a resounding YES but they didn’t do it alone! There’s no doubt in our minds and the minds of many others that the “angels in the outfield” played a significant role in helping this team come back from the rain delay and make it happen.

Ahhhhh, that Angelic Rain Delay!!


We could just see Michael’s smile and hear him singing  🎼 GO CUBS GO 🎼 as the Cubbies won the title of World Champions. After the last out, we rushed down towards the field and sang it for him, at the top of our lungs, through tears and raindrops as the Cubs and their amazing fans celebrated this historical victory.


💙❤️ A love never ending for you Michael ❤️💙