Michael’s College Football Predictions

One of Michael’s favorite times of year was awaiting after he returned from camp…the start of the college football season. He loved the hype, the predictions, College GameDay and watching all the action.

He was getting ready to start something new on his blog and that would have included some video-blogging. In preparation for that, he spent some time earlier this summer working on a few of his predictions for the season. He completed predictions for eight teams in total, including his two favorites, Michigan and Oregon. We watched Michael work on these eight teams and saw him meticulously balance the wins and losses as he started this process, paying close attention to detail which would have carried through to those teams that he had yet to do.

We will be eagerly watching Michael’s predictions as this season gets underway!

We love you Michael and will be rooting for your teams❤️
IMG_8530Something tells us he would have snuck in a “Go Blue” here

IMG_8537And a “Go Ducks” here






Satellite Camps Are Good for College Football

Michigan head football coach, Jim Harbaugh, has been the biggest advocate for satellite football camps. Satellite camps are football camps for high schoolers hosted by college coaches that are off campus, hence the word satellite. Satellite camps have been a controversial topic, and while there are many coaches and people who are in favor of these camps like me, there are some people (cough cough) the SEC who are not big fans of satellite camps.

Alabama head coach, Nick Saban has publicly shown his disapproval of these camps. “I’m saying [Satellite camps] are bad for college football”, said Saban. One of Saban’s biggest points against these camps is that there are no specific guidelines and he believes that many college coaches could be breaking NCAA rules. While this could be true I believe that it is very unlikely.
The real reason Saban and the other Image: Nick SabanSEC coaches hate satellite camps is because they do not want other coaches encroaching on their recruiting territory. Jim Harbaugh has quickly become Saban’s and the SEC’s biggest nightmare by holding these camps in the southeast and others areas as well. This is a selfish act by Nick Saban and everyone against satellite camps.

These traveling camps are very beneficial for the high school football players, and that is the most important factor. 86 percent of college athletes live below the poverty line. Going on trips to colleges to just attend camps can be very expensive and many families of these athletes cannot afford to go on these trips. With satellite camps coming to the high schools it is very convenient for the players and the families. By campaigning against satellite camps, Nick Saban is trying to take away or limit opportunities for 17 and 18 year old athletes. So why is he doing this? Seems self-serving to me.
Harbaugh has commented on Saban’s actions by tweeting, “Amazing to me- Alabama broke NCAA rules & now their HC is lecturing us on the possibility of rules being broken at camps. Truly amazing.”

Jim Harbaugh vs Nick Saban is developing into a fantastic coaching rivalry, and this makes me even more excited for the college football season.

Championship Weekend

Championship Weekend is among us, the final tickets will be punched for the College Football Playoff. This weekend is what makes college football so great. Here’s my preview for the games:

SEC Championship: Florida vs Alabama

Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are in a familiar place, one win away from their ultimatederrick-henry-090615-getty-ftrjpg_rdyvlucn46ytzbxewpt84mu7 goal. The Florida Gators have overachieved this year, but ever since the Will Grier suspension their offense has been stagnant. No one is giving the Gators a chance in this game,eventhough their defense has been incredible. I believe Derrick Henry will have trouble throughout the first half, but break free in the second. I have a feeling Florida will keep it close, but the Tide will roll in the second half and pull away.

Prediction: Alabama 27 Florida 13

Pac 12 Championship: USC vs Stanford 

imagesIt seemed like the Pac 12 was down and out when Vernon Adams and the Ducks shocked Stanford in the Farm. If chaos breaks out the Cardinal will be in the best shape to sneak up the polls and jump into the playoff spot. USC has quietly put a nice season together and their high powered offense will give David Shaw’s defense some troubles. This will be a shootout, but Stanford will once again show that they are the best team in the Golden State.

Prediction: Stanford 38 USC 34

Big Ten Championship: Iowa vs Michigan State

The Big Ten Championship by far has the most stakes, and is a match up of two old 635821737144069337-IOW-1031-iowa-fb-vs-maryland-25school, smash mouth, classic Big 10 football teams. Iowa and Michigan State are both so well coached and they make very little mistakes. The Hawkeyes have had a dream season, the have been the Cinderella of College Football. If Sparty controls the line and gets their run game going, it will be a long day for the Hawkeyes. If Michigan State’s experienced offensive line fails to show up, and gets themselves in third and long, the Spartans are in trouble. I believe Desmond King will have a day, and the Hawkeyes will be on their way to a playoff game. I will be at the game and hope for an incredible matchup.

ACC Championship: North Carolina vs Clemson 

deshaun-watson-092714-getty-ftrjpg_17g122zxqtm1v1u5pp0uggfsd2This is the best game of the day, and probably the best quarterback matchup this year. Both Marquise Williams and Deshaun Watson have had the best seasons of their careers. UNC is the hottest team in the country, and Clemson has been persistently great this year. This will be a track meet, and I believe will come down to who has the ball last. UNC has put together a great year, but Clemson has too much talent and will somehow find a way to win this game.

Prediction: Clemson 58 North Carolina 55

The Game

3 Ohio State vs Michigan: 

This is no doubt the biggest rivalry in college football, but it may just be the biggest rivalry in all of sports.  The governor of Ohio made it a law that Ohio State fans  should not use the letter M on game day of the rivalry.  On the other hand, Michigan fans do not even call the Buckeyes by their school name.  Wolverine fans, which I am, call Ohio State, Ohio.  There is so much animosity between the two of these teams, it is insane.  The Buckeyes have had an amazing season.  They are ranked number 3 in the country and they still have yet to lose under head coach Urban Meyer.  On the other hand Michigan has had one of the most disappointing seasons in college football.  Going into the season, the Wolverines were highly ranked and actually favored to win the BIG Ten and beat Ohio State, two weeks in a row.  Now they have four losses and have to go up against one of the best offenses in the nation.

The History of this rivalry goes way back to Woody vs Bo Schembechler, the two greatest coaches in history.  Ohio has a loosing record in the Big House and that might be a huge factor.  Going back, it has happened many times, when the Buckeyes are favored and have a chance to go to the national championship.  I think that this will happen again today,  Devin Gardner will get in a groove and the Michigan Wolverines will spoil Ohio’s season. GO BLUE!

Prediction: Ohio State 21 Michigan 24


My BCS Standings

There were some big shake ups in week 11 that will affect the BCS standings.  When the official standings come out, there will be a lot of controversy, but for now I am going to tell you what I think should be the BCS standings.

1.) Alabama: 

The Tide made a huge statement last Saturday night by rocking the Bayou Bengals.  LSU Unknowntied the game in the third quarter, but after a surprising fake punt, Bama scored 21 unanswered points.  The Tigers failed to score a single point after that, and Alabama rolled 39-17.  This was the kind of game that voters needed to see from the Tide.  They have not had a statement win yet, until the LSU game.  The key to Alabama’s success is star QB AJ McCarron.  McCarron isn’t the flashiest player.  He doesn’t run around and make huge plays, all AJ does is win championships.  McCarron has been amazing every game, but running back TJ Yeldon was the true reason the Tide rolled the Tigers.  The Alabama run game has been the weak part of this team, but if last Saturday was the first time you tuned in, you would never guess that. Yeldon carried the ball for 133 yards and 2 touchdowns.  In the second half Saban changed the game plan and ran the ball down the Tigers throat.  I have been doubting this Bama team all year, but now that they have a solid run game and I have finally jumped on the Tuscaloosa bandwagon.  This team is legit.

2.) Florida State: 

In my opinion, Florida State is the most complete team in college football.  First off, they imageshave arguably the best player in the nation, Jameis Winston.  Winston is remarkable, he plays like he is a five year senior but he is only a freshman.  Scary right? They have one of the best receiving cores, which makes Winston look even better then he really is.  Junior WR, Rashad Greene, has been sensational, leading the team in receiving yards with 820 YDS on the season and he also leads the team with 8 receiving TDs.  Last week, what impressed me the most was the Noles defense.  Against Wake Forest, they forced 6 interceptions and 7 total turnovers.  Wake Forest also only threw 7 complete passes.  Yes they had only one more completed pass then they had interceptions.  This defense is stifling and they also take the weight off the Winston’s shoulders.  Jimbo Fisher has done a great job making this team believe they can win.  WATCH OUT BAMA!

3.) Oregon: 

The Ducks suffered their first loss of the season Thursday night in Palo Alto against Unknown-1Stanford.  You might think I am crazy for keeping the Ducks in the top three just after a loss, but Oregon didn’t play Oregon football.  I give Stanford a lot of credit, but Oregon just had a bad game until 3 minuets left in the 4th quarter.  The Ducks played horrid and still only lost 20-26 to a very good Stanford team.  The Ducks have the best player in all of the land and the greatest offense.  Mariota and his Ducks need a whole lot to happen to make the National Championship but there is still a chance.  This team is way better then how they played against the Cardinals.  Trust me, this Oregon team is still very talented.

4.) Baylor: 

A couple years ago if you said the Baylor Bears are one of the best teams in the country, someone would check you into a mental institution to see if you were insane.  The Bears images-1are what many people are calling the Oregon of the South.  The fancy uniforms, the offense, and the that they just flat out win ball games.  The Bears had a statement win, last thursday vs Oklahoma.  The Baylor Bears are for real.

5.) Stanford

6.) Auburn

7.) Missouri

8.) Ohio State

9.) Clemson

10.) UCLA

11.) Texas A&M

12.) South Carolina

13.) Northern Illinois

14.) Oklahoma State

15.) Texas

16.) Michigan State

17.) UCF

18.) Fresno State

19.) Louisville 

20.) Wisconsin 

21.) LSU

22.) Arizona State

23.) Miami (FL)

24.) Oklahoma

25.) Georgia





The Cardiac Cats

It was just a month ago that the Northwestern Wildcats were ranked in the top 15 andncf_g_colter_b1_200x300 barely lost to the #4 team in the nation because of a controversial call.  Now the Cats are sitting at 4-4 and 0-4 in conference play.  The past couple of weeks  Northwestern fell to Minnesota and Iowa, not tough opponents, and they were on the wrong side of a running clock against Wisconsin.  Last year, Chicago’s Big Ten team had a fantastic year topping it off with the first bowl win in a very long time, but now they are looking like the “old” Wildcats.  With the Cats downfall and the Bears not playing great, the basketball season couldn’t have come any faster for the people in the Windy City.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at CaliforniaWhat is the problem with the Cats?  Well they have been depleted by injuries.  In the two loses to Minnesota and Iowa, Northwestern was without their senior starting quarterback, Kain Colter and their all American running back, Venric Mark.  The Gophers and Hawkeyes are both teams that the Wildcats, when healthy, should have beat easily.  This has also happened to many other teams, like Georgia, TCU, and Maryland.  It is just crazy how fast your season can plummet down after a few key injuries.

Northwestern needs to have a positive look at the rest of the season and realize that even though their Big Ten championship dreams are out the window they can still be eligible for a bowl game.  This 2013 Northwestern team has a chance to be the first ever team to win two bowl games in back to back years in school history.  The players can’t give up, they have to keep moving forward.






Preseason College Football Predictions 6-11

6.  Louisville Cardinals: teddy-bridgewater-p1

The Louisville Cardinals are coming of last year’s Sugar Bowl champion year, with a lot of confidence. They are returning a Heisman Trophy favorite quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and they have Charlie Strong a terrific coach. There is a lot of buzz going around this program and they have a very easy schedule. I believe that the Cards are going to have a undefeated season, now let’s just see if they live up to the hype.

stanford_hogan_11720127.  Stanford Cardinals: 

The Cardinals are always a contender, and with quarterback Kevin Hogan coming back they will be hard to stop. Winning the Rose Bowl was a big accomplishment for them last year, but this year they have even bigger expectations. This team is well coached and is balanced on both sides of the ball, the only problem is they have to compete with the high flying flashing Oregon Ducks. Stanford has a suffocating defense, but it is not enough to slow down the Ducks.

8.  Michigan Wolverines:  rn_i_devingardner_ms_600

 The Wolverines are coming of a decent season, but this is Michigan and the expectations are huge. Now with Devin Gardner at QB they can finally run their offense. The Wolverines big three are quite good. They have the exact replica of Cam Newton in Devin Gardner, Fitzgerald Toussaint, and a deep threat receiver Jeremy Gallon. This team is solid, and they are my pick to win the B1G Ten. GO BLUE!

9.  Clemson Tigers: tajhboydauburnvclemsong6k95yefiedl

The Tigers are a fast dangerous offense. It is big that Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins are returning. This is a good team with a lot of talent coming back. Look for Clemson to have a big year.

Miami_Georgia_Tech_Football__pmpfeifer@naplesnews.com_3_t60710.  Miami Hurricanes: 

Miami is now relieved of their punishments and it’s their time to shine. They have a cool and collect quarterback in Stephen Morris and they have a lethal running back in Duke Johnson. They went 7-5 last year, but they are looking to improve that. With the gunslinging mentality of Morris, and the explosiveness of Johnson, they are destined to have a great season.  It looks like this year its all about the U.

11.  Northwestern Wildcats: Venric Mark

The Wildcats finally ended their Bowl Game win drought last year. Pat Fitzgerald has truly turned this mess of a program around. Having duel threat quarterback Kain Colter and explosive returner/running back Venric Mark coming back for this year is great. This program is on the rise and they are the biggest thing to come in Evanston.

My Preseason College Football Rankings 1-5

The days are counting down till college football arrives, although it is only summer I am already ecstatic. For the next couple days I will be counting down all of the top 25 preseason rankings starting at 1 and ending at 25.

1.  Alabama Crimson Tide: 

The Tide are the  definition of a power house, winning the National Championship three120902.14out of the last four years. Returning is star senior quarterback A.J McCarron, powerful running back T.J Yeldon, and on the defensive side of the field the heart and soul of their nasty, defense linebacker C.J Mosley. Having the best team and coach in college football, the Bama fans have been spoiled. This squad have been the leaders of the SEC’s reign of terror and they have a great chance of adding on to their legacy.

2. Oregon Ducks: 

The Ducks have recently lost their head coach Chip Kelly to the NFL, but that’s not 8347893418_f1c8fb99c8_ogoing to slow them down one bit. The last five years Oregon has really solidified themselves as a championship contender year after year. Their returning Heisman trophy favorite QB Marcus Mariota, deadly kick returner/running back De’Anthony Thomas also known as the Black Mamba, and hard hitting defensive back Ifo Ekpre-Olomu. The Ducks are the fastest and best dressed team in college football, but they are also a force to recon with.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes: 

The Buckeyes went a perfect 12-0 last season, but because of NCAA allegations theyNCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State couldn’t go to a bowl game or the National Championship. This year they have standout quarterback Braxton Miller returning. He is one of the Heisman trophy favorites and he has become more of a leader on this team. Adding Coach Urban Meyer last year was a great decision. The Buckeyes are looking to have a great season if they keep Miller healthy. He took way too many hits last year, which lead to a number of injuries. If Braxton Miller gets hurt you can just throw their season down the drain.

4.  Texas A&M Aggies: 5095f8fdd4a1a.preview-300

 The Aggies had a total bounce back season after the terrible one they had before. The main reason for this turnaround is last year’s Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel. They have a stingy defense and we know on offense Manziel can just explode for a touchdown. They can run with Alabama and Georgia and now are a new power house that has been added to the SEC. If Texas A&M can keep Johnny Football out of trouble they will have a phenomenal year.

5.  Georgia Bulldogs: Buffalo+v+Georgia+1j4zX3oWr5tl

The Dawgs were one play away from the National Championship last year, but they just couldn’t finish. Key players returning this year are star quarterback Aaron Murray and running back Todd Gurley. They have a stellar defense and two of the best running backs in the game, Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. They are a monster in the SEC and it looks like they will be next year too.

Check back tomorrow for teams 6-11!