The Game

3 Ohio State vs Michigan: 

This is no doubt the biggest rivalry in college football, but it may just be the biggest rivalry in all of sports.  The governor of Ohio made it a law that Ohio State fans  should not use the letter M on game day of the rivalry.  On the other hand, Michigan fans do not even call the Buckeyes by their school name.  Wolverine fans, which I am, call Ohio State, Ohio.  There is so much animosity between the two of these teams, it is insane.  The Buckeyes have had an amazing season.  They are ranked number 3 in the country and they still have yet to lose under head coach Urban Meyer.  On the other hand Michigan has had one of the most disappointing seasons in college football.  Going into the season, the Wolverines were highly ranked and actually favored to win the BIG Ten and beat Ohio State, two weeks in a row.  Now they have four losses and have to go up against one of the best offenses in the nation.

The History of this rivalry goes way back to Woody vs Bo Schembechler, the two greatest coaches in history.  Ohio has a loosing record in the Big House and that might be a huge factor.  Going back, it has happened many times, when the Buckeyes are favored and have a chance to go to the national championship.  I think that this will happen again today,  Devin Gardner will get in a groove and the Michigan Wolverines will spoil Ohio’s season. GO BLUE!

Prediction: Ohio State 21 Michigan 24



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