Michael’s College Football Predictions

One of Michael’s favorite times of year was awaiting after he returned from camp…the start of the college football season. He loved the hype, the predictions, College GameDay and watching all the action.

He was getting ready to start something new on his blog and that would have included some video-blogging. In preparation for that, he spent some time earlier this summer working on a few of his predictions for the season. He completed predictions for eight teams in total, including his two favorites, Michigan and Oregon. We watched Michael work on these eight teams and saw him meticulously balance the wins and losses as he started this process, paying close attention to detail which would have carried through to those teams that he had yet to do.

We will be eagerly watching Michael’s predictions as this season gets underway!

We love you Michael and will be rooting for your teams❤️
IMG_8530Something tells us he would have snuck in a “Go Blue” here

IMG_8537And a “Go Ducks” here






2 thoughts on “Michael’s College Football Predictions

  1. I was always impressed with Michael’s energy and drive, the time he must have spent thinking about these predictions and then putting to paper offers just a glimpse of his powerful mind at work. I especially like the penmanship, so precise and measured, almost a throwback in time as all his contemporaries would have used a keyboard.

    Michael accomplished so much in his 16yrs, I choose to think about the gifts he displayed, not about the tragedy of his short time here….. There is no way I can make sense of his short life if I think about what might have been, rather, I give thanks that I knew him and witnessed his special spirit.

    Thanks for sharing this blog. John


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