Angels in the outfield? YES indeed!

…Michael’s 17th birthday at Wrigley and the Cubs are going

to the World Series…

It’s happening and Michael wrote about it in his April 10th post after returning from Arizona where he took in two spring training games,

Growing up a Cubs fan, I have been used to heartbreaking baseball. It seemed like every year I would always say, “there’s always next year.” Well, I am glad to say that next year is NOW.

You are so right Michael, NOW is here and your Cubbies are headed to the World Series after a Game 6 impressive win at Wrigley Field.

Cubs postseason play kicked off on a very special day, and that was Michael’s 17th birthday on October 7th. That night was the first playoff game at Wrigley against the San Francisco Giants and Michael’s family was there to honor him and cheer on his beloved team. It was an emotional night filled with tears, smiles and an enormous amount of love for our dear Michael.


This banner is hanging outside our house and was also with us to Wrigley Field that night…it really says it all. Michael’s aunt and uncle came in for his birthday as well as both his brothers. We were there to represent our sweet Michael wearing photo buttons and remembering him with a scoreboard message in the 5th inning.


A lot of love and planning went in to this night but something very unexpected also happened. We were included in a clip on the ABC Channel 7 news that night with Ravi Baichwal, news anchor and reporter, @BaichwalABC7.  Click the image below to watch the short clip.


Thank you Ravi for the opportunity to share Michael and his story on such an important day.

The Cubs won that game 1-0 with a home run by Javier Baez in the left field corner, close to our seats and now they are headed to the World Series. That corner has become known as “Michael’s Corner” in our family. We know our sweet angel is most definitely in the outfield cheering on his team along with so many others, including his Grand Pere who was a lifelong Cubs fan.

GO CUBS GO has taken on a new meaning for us this year as there’s a choir of angels cheering with and right along side of us 😇.

Michael closed his blog post on April 10th in this way,

I am ready for my Cubbies to reverse the curse and FINALLY win a World Series for the best fans in baseball.  GO CUBS GO!

Michael with his brothers, May 2016

Michael with his brothers, May 2016






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