Summer League Stand Out

The NBA Summer League has arrived, and all the young talents show their skills to try to Tim Hardaway, Jr. Press Conferencemake it to the next level of the NBA. After the first day there were some studs and some duds. The one player that really stood out for me was Knicks rookie swingman Tim Hardaway Jr.  Hardaway is the son of former Heat legend Tim Hardaway senior and by the way he is playing little Timmy might be more successful than his old man. In his first NBA appearance in the SL, he wrapped up with 13 points giving  Spike Lee something to cheer about. The Knicks future is bright with the back court of Iman Shumpert and Hardaway. The both played outstanding together and they have already bonded and formed a tight friendship. In the future Tim Hardaway Jr. will be a huge star. What do you think?


Match Up of the Day

Today’s Match Up of the Day is the Michigan Wolverines vs the Florida Gators. This game is going to go down right to the wire. It is on CBS at 2:20 ET. Both teams have outstanding coaches and they are hot at the right time.

Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr.Michigan’s Keys:  The keys for the Wolverines is the play of Mitch McGary. He has been amazing this whole NCAA Tournament. He has to have a big game because he has to guard Florida’s great big man Patrick Young. He has to play very physical because Young is going to try to beat him up in the paint. Also, Tim Hardaway Jr.  has to actually show up today. He is the Maize and Blue’s second best player, but he is a streaky shooter. When he is hot he just drains shots, but when he is cold he can’t throw a ball into the ocean. Hardaway has to play great if the Wolverines want to save the Big Ten and advance to Atlanta to the Final Four.

Florida’s Keys: The keys for the Gators is the play of point guard Kenny Boynton. He 507e2c207cce3.preview-300is the heart and soul of this Florida team. He is their best player and the true leader of their team. He has to guard the best player in the country, Trey Burke. We all know that that is a tough task. If Billy Donovan and his Gators want a chance against the Maize and Blue, Boynton has to have a monumental game.

Prediction:  This game is going to be tight but at the end of the day I trust Trey Burke. I have Michigan keeping the Big Ten alive and advancing to the Final Four.






Over Time In Ann Arbor

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Tuesday night the most historic rivalry in all of sports had written a new page to its many games. Number 10 Ohio State or as people down in Michigan like to call them Ohio at number 3 Michigan. Earlier this year Ohio State gave Michigan their first loss of the season, but this time the Buckeyes had to travel to the home of the Wolverines. With all the emotion on their side Michigan got a lead but they should never get comfortable because this Ohio State vs. Michigan, one of the greatest rivalries in college sports.  The Bucks made a quick run to be up 31 to 30 at half.

It seemed like the boys from the shoe were pulling away with the game, well until NBA legend son Tim Hardaway Jr. had a heat-check hitting six straight three pointers and four in four straight possessions. The Maize and Blue had taken the lead, but with two turnovers Ohio tied it and the game went to over time. That was when the questions began.

Up by one with 20 seconds left Michigan’s Glenn Robinson III was fouled by Ohio State’s Aaron Craft. Craft hit Robinson III over the face which should have been a flagrant which would have given Michigan two shots and the ball but it was called just two shots. Robinson made one but missed the second shot. Aaron Craft sprinted down the court and got blocked on a layup by Tim Hardaway Jr. It looked like Hardaway got some arm but since they didn’t call a flagrant on Craft it was the right call. I like the no call. Michigan won a must win home game and has two tough road tests ahead of them at Michigan State and Wisconsin.

After the game Hardaway said, “ I saw the ball in my face, so I just tried to wrap it up, probably got his arm or something like that, but like I said, it’s up to the refs to call that call, and they let it go.”

The refs called it clean so Aaron Craft said, “There was a bit of contact, but they didn’t call it, so I guess it wasn’t a foul.”

I think that is great sportsmanship by Craft and a good showing of humbleness by Hardaway. The big thing though is Michigan is victorious. GO BLUEth-2 copy 11

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NCAA’S New #1

There were many upsets the past week in college basketball. Duke got annihilated by Miami, Louisville went on a three game loosing streak, Arizona lost to the Bruins of UCLA, and Syracuse went down to Villanova. The only two teams in the top five that won all of their games last week were #2 Michigan and #3 Kansas. Who is going to be number one? Rock, Chalk, Jay-hawk or is it the Maize and Blue?

There is no way that the Michigan Wolverines will be ranked lower then number one. Michigan has the most talented team and in my opinion they are the best coached team. Although Kansas has played well this year Michigan was the number two team and Kansas was number three last week. Michigan also has the best backcourt in the nation,Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. Right now Michigan is almost unstoppable.