Has the BCS Got it Wrong Again?

After the blowout of a championship many people are wondering if the BCS has gotten it wrong once again. The answer to that question is YES. Notre Dame may be the worst team in the top five or even the top ten this year. The Irish might have had a perfect record other then last night but Triple overtime against Pitt is not very impressive and to pull out a nail biter against BYU isn’t so great either. The two best teams in the nation are,no doubt, Alabama and Oregon. If the Ducks played last night it would have been a great game and they might of even beaten Bama. Oregon is the only team in the nation that is undefeated in regulation. Last night I was pulling for the Fighting Irish as the underdog but it would have been better served to have Oregon in the game not them. For now though we just have to keep waiting until the playoffs are here. If you ask me, the playoffs can’t get here soon enough!Image