Eastern Conference Finals – Game Seven

Miami’s keys:d-wade-sad

This whole series has been a disaster for the Miami Heat. The only one who is being productive is LeBron James. They way they are playing right now looks like LeBron’s old Cleveland team. The key for the Heat is for LeBron to get some help. In game six Wade and Bosh had a combined total of 15 points. If that happens on Monday the only thing that keeps them from losing is if LeBron scores 100 points. The Big 3 has transformed into the Big 1 right before our eyes. It looks like Miami is in a lot of trouble.

imagesIndiana’s keys: 

The Indiana Pacers have now proven that they are a force to recon with. Paul George is now a super star, and they have the best big man in the NBA, Roy Hibbert. They have really scared this Miami team. The Pacers need their backcourt to play well. George Hill has been good but you never know what your going to get with Lance Stephenson. He can play outstanding or he could be terrible. He has to have a good game if the Pacers want to upset the Heat in Miami.


I think that LeBron will play outstanding, but he will get no help. Paul George will have a big game and carry his Pacers to the NBA Finals. I pick the Pacers will upset the Heat.