Surprise of the NBA

The Atlanta Hawks are shocking the world. No one would have thought that near the All Star break they would be in first in the Eastern Conference. This is a team that barely made the pimageslayoffs in the East last year. Coach Mike Budenholzer is no doubt the coach of the year so far. This team has no true superstar, but somehow they are beating the East and the power houses in the big bad West. I watched them live when they played Chicago. The way they move the ball is magnificent. Jeff Teague is the perfect point guard for their system. Kyle Korver has been lights out from three. Al Horford has played like an all star, likewise wise with Paul Milsap. There are those who doubt and say there is no way a team like Atlanta could win in the playoffs. I am not one of the doubters. Look at the San Antonio Spurs, Altlanta plays just like them.  To be honest I believe the Hawks are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference to make the NBA Finals. Believe the hype because the Atlanta Hawks are coming and they are not afraid of anyone.


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