Maybe the Irish Have Some Luck After All

Not even the drama surrounding Manti Te’os internet love life could top the Louisville – Notre Dame last night.

Soon both of these ranked teams will move from the Big East to the ACC.  I think Notre Dame won’t be able to handle the competition in the ACC but the talent of the Louisville Cardinals should be able to keep up with the likes of Duke, North Carolina State and Miami.

Game day began at South Bend when the fans rushed the court after a fan made a half-court shot for $75,000.   But that was just the beginning of the fun and games.   190ca408-ed1a-3641-ba7e-6cedd8a5cb65

Last night the Irish had to tip off against the Louisville Cardinals. The Cards were up big but the luck of the Irish pulled on as they forced over-time. In the first over-time most of both team’s starters fouled out. Each team kept fighting and the game went into double over-time. Still after that, the game was tied so there was a third over-time and at the end of that the score was still knotted up. So…there was a fourth overtime. It was crazy and the game went into a fifth overtime.

f98e15af-c6c5-3763-8073-4c7e28220e8bLet’s keep in mind the longest college basketball game was back in 2009 in the Big East tournament when Syracuse beat UConn in a sixth over-time marathon on a buzzer-beater. So, in the fifth overtime the game finally ends as Notre Dame wins the upset.

This was tied with the second longest game in college basketball history, and the longest regular season in Big East history. The last 4 of the 5 well actually now 5 of 6 games these two teams have played each other it has gone into overtime. During all of those five overtimes the players must have been exhausted and most of the starters fouled out. Both benches came out strong but there was one center named Garrick Sherman on the Irish who hasn’t played much at all but came up big and kept them in the game scoring 17 points. If Sherman didn’t play like that Notre Dame would have gotten destroyed, but he delivered.

Louisville really blew it, they had so many chances to win that game and they never showed up in prime time. A couple weeks ago Louisville was at the top of the pack and was ranked number one in the country and went on a huge loosing streak that they recently broke. It looks as though they have  just started another one. The Cardinals went from studs to duds. It’s just a shame to see all of their talent and watch them loose and loose, but this is a rough season with all the top teams getting upset. This is why I love college basketball.

Oh and when speaking of luck, the Irish had nothing compared to the Wisconsin Badgers this weekend who had to pull out their own $75,000 shot to beat Michigan. 



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