Week 7 Predictions

25 Missouri vs 7 Georgia:

0ap2000000247915This game intrigues me a lot.  Georgia has lost both of their star running backs, all but one of their starting wide receivers, and to top it all their punter is hurt.  On the other side Missouri is the only undefeated team in the SEC besides Alabama.  Last year was the “welcome to the SEC” year for the Tigers who had a horrific year.  The leader of this Mizzou team is senior quarterback James Franklin.  The Tigers just broke the top 25 last week and this would be a win they need to show that they can be a contender in the big bad SEC.  I think that the Tigers will shock Uga and the Bulldogs between the hedges.  Prediction: Missouri 31 Georgia 30

texas-oklahoma-red-river-rivalry-gold-jerseys-550x38912 Oklahoma vs Texas:

The Red River Rivalry has always been a huge game, but the last three years Oklahoma has scored 70 points and destroyed the Longhorns.  This game is the future of Mac Brown.  These Longhorn seniors have never beaten OU and that is a terrible feeling.  One of the things the Sooners had last year that they do not have now is Landry Jones.  I believe that the Texas Longhorns will shock the world and save Mac Brown’s job.  “Don’t Mess With Texas”  Prediction: Oklahoma 20 Texas 28

17 Florida vs 10 LSU:lsu-nike-pro-combat-uniforms

The nasty Florida defense is going against one of the best offenses in the nation.  The Tigers have the best wide receiving core and they are going up against the very best corners in football.  This game is going to be a lot higher scoring then you think it would be.  The Tigers are in Death Valley and they will find holes in the Gators stingy defense. Prediction: Florida 23 LSU 28

130928.mca_.ODE_.fbc_.Cal_.132-980x6532 Oregon vs 16 Washington: 

For the past five years the Ducks have beaten their rivals by an average of 23 points.  This year though the Huskies are no flukes.  Last week they got robbed.  They should have beaten Stanford in the Farm.  Washington has the number 1 total defense in the country but they are facing the fastest and best offense in the history of college football.  Gameday is in Seattle and their brand new stadium is going to be rocking.  Washington is back and they are better then ever.  Keith Price is the game changer for them.  In his whole career at UW he has never defeated the ducks, but few teams have.  Price had a huge game in the Farm and he put his Huskies in a chance to upset the Cardinal but the refs stole that chance away from them.  This morning Duck’s explosive playmaker De’anthony Thomas was cleared to play after suffering an ankle injury 2 weeks ago vs Cal.  This is huge for the Ducks because it takes the load off their Heismen front runner quarterback Marcus Mariota.  I can finally say that I believe in the Huskies.  I know that Washington football is back.  This is their year and they are going to beat their rival, but not this rival.  I think that Oregon will roll Washington.  Prediction: Oregon 56 Washington 17