Super Sunday

Today is a great day, Michigan basketball this morning and the Super Bowl this evening. It is the battle of the best. Tom Brady and the high powered Pats offense against Seattle’s Legion of Boom. There is one major problem for the Seahawks, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, and Richard Sherman are all nurturing injuries. Seattle is going to have more role players step up because these guys aren’t 100%.  Here’s how I see it…

Keys for New England: 

Although it hurts me to say this, the Patriots have looked unbeatable. The last team to patsbeat them were my Buffalo Bills. Coach “Belicheat” has his team playing at a high level. The main thing that has popped out is how successful the run game has been. When LeGarrette Blount isn’t punching Boise State players or driving under the influence he is a great back. Coming out of the University of Oregon he was highly hyped but hasn’t lived up to it until now. He is a punishing running back. Blount won’t run around the defender he will run through them. He is very similar to Seattle’s star running back Marshawn Lynch. If the Patriots want to be crowned world Champions and not be remembered for spygate and deflategate, they have to establish a run game so Tom Brady can slice through Seattle’s incredible secondary.

Keys or Seattle: 

The Seattle Seahawks are the best in the business. The Champs are going for two years in a row. Packers fans are still in shock after the Seahawks miracle “come from behind seahawksvictory”. The Legion of Boom is the key to victory. Cornerback Byron Maxwell will play a crucial role if the 12th man wants one more ring. We all know what Sherman brings to the field. No one throws to his side so Maxwell is going to see a lot of action. I believe he is the most underrated player in the NFL and I am hoping my Bills pick up either him or Derrelle Revis to add to that stifling defense, but wer’e talking about the Super Bowl here. I believe he will shutdown Lafell or whom ever he goes up against and Maxwell will make his money today.


Although Brady and the Pats have been incredible I really do believe the Seahawks snowdefense will come out on top and repeat as World Champions.

Seattle 31 New England 28


Super Sunday

It is the greatest football game of the year.  Every football fan and millions of others will tune into this game, even non-football lovers.  It is even more fitting that the two best football teams in the world have battled their way to the grandest game of all  and trust me they have both been battle tested.  It is Peyton Manning leading the top offense vs Richard Sherman and his most nasty defense in the NFL.

Broncos Keys: 

The Denver Broncos have the most dynamic offense in the league, there are so many images-6weapons that Peyton Manning has, they are almost impossible to stop.  The weather could have a huge affect on the passing game, so the key for a Bronco victory is RB, Knowshon Moreno.  Even with Manning it will be tough to throw the ball so Moreno has to play big.  Moreno has been a solid back throughout the year, but this game Knowshon will have to be a workhorse and outplay Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch who we all know is a beast.  Moreno is most known for crying during the National Anthem.  If the Broncos want to win Moreno better stop bawling and start balling.  Also Broncos DT Terrence Knighton has to play well.  He is the anchor of Denver’s D-line and he has to stop Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch.

Seahawks Keys: 

The Seahawks have the greatest defense, but it is not easy stopping Peyton Manning and images-7crew.  The key for the Seahawks is WR Percy Harvin.  Harvin has only played 38 snaps this year, but he makes the defense have to account for his explosiveness.  He is the biggest playmaker there and he is the spark Seattle’s offense needs to carry home the Lombardi Trophy to the 12th man.  Harvin is so explosive you can even line him up into the back field.  He is going to keep the defense honest and then brake one for 80 yards.  Also the Seahawks defensive line has to get to Manning fast and keep him on his toes.  If they can get into Manning’s very perplexed mind they can pull out a victory.

You all know the old saying… defense wins championships and that is exactly what is going to happen.  I believe the Seattle Seahawks will be the World Champions!

Prediction: Broncos 24 Seahawks 28


Championship Weekend

San Francisco vs Seattle

These are the two best teams in the NFL and they are huge rivals.  Each of these teams are mirror images of one another.  They both have stifling defenses, dual threat quarterbacks, and fantastic coaches.  The key for the 49ers is the play of quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  He is going to be playing in one of the most hostile stadiums in the NFL. Also it is the biggest game ever played there.  It is going to be LOUD in Seattle and impossible to make any audibles.  Kaepernick has to battle through adversity and get the job done.  Let’s remember, he and the Niners were here last year and they made the Super Bowl.

The key for the Seahawks is running back Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch.  He is a powerUnknown house half back and the last time they played in San Francisco he went off.  The Seahawks would be unstoppable with a solid running game.  I think the crazy Seahawks crowd will be too much for the 49ers to handle and I think the Seattle Seahawks will be marching on to the  Super Bowl.

Prediction:  49ers 24, Seahawks 28