2013 NBA Mock Draft

The NBA regular season is coming to an end and the playoffs are near which means the NBA draft is around the corner.  I am so excited right now with all that is going on I decided to make a Mock Draft. I will analyze the top 10 NBA prospects and make my predictions. So here is my top 10 NBA Mock Draft.

1. Charlotte Bobcats: Nerlens Noel, PF/C, Kentuckyimages copy

Once again the Bobcats are at the bottom of the pack. They were so bad that they would be better off with their 50 year old owner on the court, Michael Jordan. In my opinion Noel would be a perfect fit with the Cats. He has great upside to his game and is also only a freshman. Noel had his season destroyed when he tore his ACL against the Florida Gators. He has to have time to recover but when time comes Noel will be at the top of the charts.

2. Orlando Magic: Ben McLemore, SG, Kansasbenmclemore

The Magic have really struggled after the departure of Dwight Howard. I think McLemore would be just the man to turn this organization around. McLemore is not at his full potential yet but he will be there soon, and when he gets there he will be a huge star. If the Magic want to get back to the top they need to Draft Ben McLemore.

3. Phoenix Suns: Shabazz Muhammad, SG/SF, UCLA

The Suns have looked like a lost puppy after Steve Nash left to sign with the Lakers. images-1 copyThey need some good play at the SG/SF position BIG TIME, and Muhammad will give you that. He was the top recruit going into college, but didn’t live up to all of his great expectations. I think it is because of his inexperience, but he has one year of college under the belt so I think he will be ready. Shabazz Muhammad can help bring the the Suns back to life.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown130313150638-otto-porter-georgetown-story-body

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a bright future with rising star Kyrie Irving. They have one star in Cleveland but it wouldn’t hurt to have another one. I think Otto Porter would complement the play of Kyrie Irving very well. If the Cavs pick up Porter they could be an unstoppable force.

5. New Orleans Hornets: Trey Burke, PG, Michigan 

Burke is the hottest name going into the draft, winning every single player of the year award possible. He has had many comparisons to Chris Paul, who used to be a Trey_Burke_Dec_2012Hornet. Once Paul left, New Orleans has really been in the bottom of the standings. They need a new Chris Paul, and Burke is the man to do it. In my opinion Burke is the best player going into the draft and loves the big moments. Burke is the best college player and he will be a huge name in a couple years in the NBA. Last year the Hornets picked center Anthony Davis number one overall and with Burke along side him the Hornets will be back in playoff contention, and maybe even title contention. The New Orleans Hornets need to draft Trey Burke.

6.  Detroit Pistons: Anthony Bennett, SF/PF, UNLVimages-2

The Pistons have a solid front-court but Bennett has too much talent to pass up. He’s very young but his talent makes him look like a fifth year senior. He is long and lengthy, can score inside, a solid shooter, and he is a threat from three point range. If the Pistons pass up Bennett they will make a big mistake.

7.  Sacramento Kings: Victor Oladipo, SG, Indiana images-3

The Kings have had a rough year and the locker room has been dead. No one wants to give the ball up, there are some problems in California’s capital. Oladipo is the man to spark up the locker room in Sacramento. His electrifying game will get the bench up on their feet and brighten up the mood in Sacramento. The Kings should definitely draft Victor Oladipo.

8.  Washington Wizards: Jamaal Franklin, SG, San Diego StateJamaal-Franklin-celebrates-in-the-Nike-Air-Zoom-Generation-Wheat

The Nation’s capital hasn’t had a good season since they were the Bullets. Jamaal Franklin could get them out of the shadows though, he already did it to another program when he was at San Diego State so why can’t he turn the Wizards around? He is a lethal three point shooter and is automatic energy.  Jamaal Franklin would be a total steal.



9.  Minnesota Timberwolves: Michael Carter-Williams, G, Syracuse NCAA Basketball: Canisius at Syracuse

The T-Wolves looked like a playoff contender at the beginning of the year, but they slowly moved their way out of contention. They could use Carter-Williams. He is explosive, quick, and a good passer. He would a great back up for the always hurt Ricky Rubio.


10. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Toronto): Glenn Robinson III, SF/PF, Michigan 

The Thunder have dominated the Western Conference, and they are my pick to win the NBA Finals this year. GR3 had a great freshman season with the Wolverines and has boosted his draft stock very high. He is a high flying explosive dunker that will Bradley vs. Michiganalways get the crowd roaring, and in OKC the crowd is already 100x louder then any other team. He has developed his three point shooting and is always a threat from mid-range. Robinson is still very young but playing behind superstar Kevin Durant will elevate his game. He will be a good back up at the small forward position, which they need and he will learn from Durant. I think Glenn Robinson III will be a future superstar in the association. The OKC Thunder wouldn’t want to miss out on Glenn Robinson III.








Wooden Race

It has been a great year in college basketball. All of the upsets, stormed courts, historic rivalries, and many buzzer-beaters. It was been a race to the finish and so many players are deserving of the most prestigious award in college basketball. Here are some of the players I think deserve to win the John Wooden award.


Shane Larkin : Miami 

Strengths: Quick guard, deadly from behind the arch, good on ball defender, performs best when the game is on the line.

Weaknesses: Inexperienced, rattled on the road, needs to become more of a leader. When entire team struggles so does Shane.

Analysis: Larkin is a long shot this year but has still performed at an elite level. He is great in prime time and is always the one who steps up to take the big shot. It has been a miracle season for the Hurricanes and Larkin has been the ring leader. I do not think he will win POY but he is my favorite to win it next year.


Victor Oladipo: Indiana 

Strengths: Great defender, attacks the rim with ease, highlight reel, full of confidence, electric finisher, crowd pleaser, posterizes defenders, block machine, and cocky attitude.

Weaknesses:  Has to share the spot light with Zeller, inconsistent shooter, tries  to put on a show too much, chokes in big moments, never finishes with the easy lay-up, misses dunks when team needs an easy dunk or lay-up not a mega jam.

Analysis: Oladipo is an outstanding player. He reminds me and many others of a mini Michael Jordan. Victor needs to work on his jump shot and he needs to improve in the fourth quarter. Victor Oladipo is one of my favorites to win the award and he has a great chance of doing so.

trey-burke5Trey Burke: Michigan

Strengths: Dynamic speed, can blow right past you, lethal three-point shooter, great on-ball defender, pick pockets everyone, hits big shots, sneaky passer, always finds the open man, lights out shooter.

Weaknesses: In crunch time rarely passes the ball, tends to struggle on the road and in hostile environments.

Analysis: Burke is one of the best players in the country. He has break away speed and can get past any of the best defenders. Trey Burke literally “steals” the spot light in big moments. Right now I think it is a two man race between Oladipo and Burke. Trey already has a head up against Victor because Burke won Big Ten player of the year. If I had a vote I would vote for Burke. My prediction is that Trey Burke is going to win the Wooden award and become Player Of the Year.